Emergency Response Services for Cyber Attacks Emergency Response Services for Cyber Attacks
You can’t predict when cyber attacks will happen, but you can use proactive incident response. Read about our cyber security solutions here. Emergency Response Services for Cyber Attacks

Cybercrime has affected virtually every industry, and across the globe, companies are ramping up their cyber security. At any moment, day or night, your organisation can be victimised by devastating cybercrime.

You can’t predict when cyberattacks will happen, but you can use proactive incident response to quickly mitigate its effects or prevent them altogether.

Immediate, Effective Response to Business Cyber Attacks

Check Point Incident Response runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days per year. We are waiting for your call and as soon as we receive it, we jump into action.

Check Point Incident Response is a single hotline phone call away. When you call us, we rush into action. We will not only help you to contain the threat and minimise its impact, but we will also help you to keep your business running.

Consider These Three Steps in a Cyber Emergency

1.      Preserve the Crime Scene:
Ask your IT team for details about the attack and collect this information. Include all relevant info such as how the attack was discovered, potential sources or causes, the impact of the attack and any initial actions that have been taken.

2.      Contact Us Now:
Call us toll-free using the emergency response number listed below. You do not have to be a current client or Check Point customer for this initial contact.

3.      Get Back on Track:
We will identify points of compromise, provide daily Active Threat reports and work with your team to fully eradicate the threat. We’ll also help you communicate the details and ramifications of the attack back to your business and management.

Our emergency number is +1-866-923-0907, and our emergency email address is emergency-response@checkpoint.com.

Introducing Gen V of Cyber Security

Cyber crimes have evolved over the past three decades. Here is a brief outline of the different generations of cyber threats to businesses and individuals:

  • Generation 1

Late 1980s, virus attacks on stand-alone PCs affected all businesses and drove anti-virus products.

  • Generation 2

Mid 1990s, attacks from the internet affected all business and drove the creation of the firewall.

  • Generation 3

Early 2000s, exploiting vulnerabilities in applications affected most businesses and drove the intrusion prevention systems (IPS) products.

  • Generation 4

Approximately 2010, which marks the rise of targeted, unknown, evasive and polymorphic attacks. This drove anti-bot and sandboxing products.

  • Generation 5

Approximately 2017, large scale, multi-vector, mega attacks using advanced attack tools and is driving advanced threat prevention solutions.

As you can see in the above list, Gen V started in 2017. During this time, the industry saw unprecedented cyber-attacks carried out as large-scale, multi-vector mega attacks.

These cyber crimes inflicted major damage to businesses and their reputation. Looking back, it is easy to identify the different generations of both attacks and security solutions.

Today, in the midst of the 5th generation of cyber-attacks, we see the most advanced and impactful attacks. The cyber security that the majority of businesses employ lag behind the capabilities of the attacks and are, therefore, virtually unable to protect us from such attacks.

Specifically, while we are facing the fifth generation of attacks, most businesses only have second or third generation security.

Benefits of Check Point Infinity Architecture

Check Point Infinity is a step up to Gen V of cyber security:

  • Previous generations of cyber security are simply not enough to protect us from fifth-generation cyberattacks. To guard your business againstthe most advanced and impactful large scale, multi-vector mega attacks, you need to step up to Gen V of cyber security with Check Point Infinity Architecture.
  • Check Point Infinity is the only fully consolidated cyber security architecture that protects against Gen V mega cyber attacks across all networks, endpoint, cloud and mobile.

Hardware and Software Protection Through Infinity Total Protection

To enable enterprises to fully utilize Gen V security across their entire network in a unified, simple and flexible way, Check Point has introduced Infinity Total Protection.

The Infinity Total Protection (ITP) is a revolutionary security consumption model that provides enterprises with the complete threat prevention they need against Gen V attacks in a simple and all-inclusive, per-user, per-year subscription offering.

Infinity Total Protection is the only subscription offering available today that includes both network security hardware and software, with fully integrated endpoint, cloud and mobile protections and zero-day threat prevention, together with unified management and 24 / 7 premium support.

Infinity Total Protection – Revolutionary Cyber Security for Your Business

Check Point Infinity is the only fully consolidated cyber security architecture that protects the business and IT infrastructure against Gen V (5th Generation) mega cyber attacks across all networks, endpoint, cloud and mobile. It offers shared threat intelligence, unified threat intelligence and open interface block attacks on all platforms.

The integrated threat visibility and modular policy management give companies a consolidated management solution. A key differentiator of Infinity Total Protection is that it is a first of its kind End License Agreement and buffet style cyber security for customers.

You can choose what you need and change it the following year, because we want you to be able to scale up and scale back as needed.

Infinity Total Protection is ideal for large enterprises looking to reduce the ROI and TCO for cyber security, as well as mid-size companies of about 500 users who are looking to consolidate their security solutions for simpler management.

Some of the industries that have incorporated Infinity Total Protection include the financial, manufacturing, technology, insurance and legal as well as government and military, amongst others.

World-Class Subscription-Based Cyber Security for Your Business

Check Point Infinity Total Protection (ITP) is the first and only security consumption model, enabling enterprises to benefit from the most advanced threat prevention technologies available today on all their networks, endpoints, mobile and cloud environments.

The programme enables enterprises to have full use of all of Check Point’s security technologies, including software, services, hardware and support to protect their entire IT infrastructure, cloud and mobile workers via an annual subscription that is based on the number of enterprise users.

Instead of trying to stop cyber attacks, we need to continually find new ways to protect ourselves against the evolving cyber crimes in the industry. As cyber attacks become more advanced and more sophisticated, businesses need to stay ahead of cyber criminals to ensure they remain protected – no matter what type of threats the future will bring.

Check Point has the most advanced technologies and threat prevention solutions for the entire IT infrastructure to protect not only against Gen V mega attacks, but also against any future generations of cyber attacks.

By unifying the entire IT security, providing real-time shared threat intelligence and complete protection, companies can now manage their cyber protection by a single, consolidated console.

The Infinity Total Protection Consumption model now enables you to protect your entire enterprise with a single, complete solution on a per-user based annual subscription to future-proof your business and ensure business continuity.

Are You a Reseller? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Check Point Partner Programme:

Check Point is constantly innovating its engagement with partners to find new ways to win together. Here are seven reasons to join the Check Point Partner Programme:

  1. Rewarding partners for alignment and execution,
  2. Expanding partner investment options,
  3. Attack and win back strategies,
  4. Improved predictability and profitability,
  5. Enhancing, scaling and modernising managed services, and
  6. Building and evolving through engagement.

Your customers will also benefit from you joining the Check Point Partner programme through greater access to expertise, increased threat prevention with a combination of alliances and partners and improvement in Time to Value.

Introducing the Engage App for Partners

Check Point differentiates its partners through activities that enable growth through an innovative app called Check Point Engage. This enables better collaboration between Check Point and its partners.

It also gives partners super fast access to information, thereby fuelling new customer acquisition as well as top and bottom-line growth.

The app recognises activities performed by your reps and activities. These activities can be sales activities, customer meetings, security check-ups, cloud/mobile demonstrations, account planning and training. Points are granted and collected based on these activities. When points are accumulated, partner status will be determined.

Below are the main activities that you can do either in conjunction with Check Point or independently.

Points Calculation:

  • Customer Meeting – 10 points
  • C-Level Customer Meeting – 50 points
  • New Customer Meeting – 50 points
  • Cloud/Mobile Demo – 50 points
  • Checkup Report – 200 points
  • Sales Activity (lunch and learn, Expo, Check Point event, Third party event) – 10 points per hour
  • Account Planning – 10 points per hour
  • Training – 10 points per hour
  • Sales Certifications – 50 points
  • Technical Certification (Not CCSA, CCSE, CCSM) – 200 points
  • Technical Certification (CCSA, CCSE, CCSM) – 300 points

These activities listed above will enable you to collect points throughout your daily activities. However, the points structure is subject to change periodically.

The app allows you to earn your points on the go, add your activity in a few clicks and to easily track your activities as well as check your score and rank.

Need more information about our Cyber Security solutions? Then contact us today.

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