Eaton Intelligent Power Manager review – Remotely Special Eaton Intelligent Power Manager review – Remotely Special
This software is entirely free to download if you run less than 10 nodes. Eaton Intelligent Power Manager review – Remotely Special

Power management hardware is advanced enough these days that having it connected to your network is the rule and not the exception. That connection not only lets you see status reports in real-time, but it allows centralised software to interface with that hardware and provide admins with all kinds of useful abilities as well.

And that’s exactly what Eaton Intelligent Power Manager software does. It’s entirely free to download if you’re managing less than 10 nodes, and once installed provides a broad overview of all Eaton intelligent power management hardware on your network, along with remote control over various important functions.

Once set up, the software is just as intelligent as its name implies. It shows which devices require software updates (and allows admins to perform said updates remotely), lists their IP addresses and their current status and facilitates alerts that can be set to go out automatically in the event of a “power event”.

It can even trigger the automatic move of a virtual machine to another server when it detects that the server that VM is currently on is running out of battery backup power and will likely fall over before power returns. And don’t worry about platforms, either – Eaton’s software supports every major operating system.

Admins can also monitor their systems remotely, down to the power consumption of individual outlets and track it historically.

All of this functionality is not even an added extra – it’s free to download and use (get it here).

If you have a network and a bunch of Eaton's devices connected to it, this software will let you do the majority of your maintenance and troubleshooting remotely, and for free.
  • Monitor, manage and maintain Eaton devices from a single interface
  • Power consumption monitoring of individual outlets
  • Automatic VM migration
  • Multi-OS support
  • It's free
  • None. It's free, what's not to love?

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