7 things to consider when thinking about digital transformation for your business 7 things to consider when thinking about digital transformation for your business
With these seven resolutions, companies can unleash the productivity and engagement of their employees to drive better business results. 7 things to consider when thinking about digital transformation for your business

The shift towards a digital workplace changed the way that organisations engage with customers and employees, putting pressure on IT departments to deliver tools and information they need to be effective.

Today’s digital workplace offers many opportunities to improve productivity, flexibility and results. In conjunction with this, it is critical that organisations recognise how to effectively leverage collaborative tools to harness the benefits of the digital workplace and maximise both employee and customer engagement.

Unify believes that with the below resolutions, companies can unleash the productivity and engagement of their employees to drive better business results.

1. Embrace digital transformation

Digital transformation has transformed and continues to transform workplaces across the world. This brings with it opportunities to make businesses more agile, responsive, efficient, happier and productive.

Companies need to identify what digital transformation means to their organisations and adopt the right tools to support it. This includes adopting a strategy to enable virtual teams, mobility and social collaboration. Understanding how your enterprise’s broader digital transformation strategy will impact your employees and the teams they work within, will foster a results orientated and driven, agile workforce.

2. Tap into the heart of the digital experience

We cannot consider digital transformation without thinking about the role that people play. After all it is the people that bring about the transformation – whether they build the technology that will help your company transform or put together the strategy. How people work (or don’t work) with the available tools is significant.

Companies need to increase focus on the human experience and ensure that users can access tools without awkwardly flipping between applications and ensure their technology tools are truly intuitive.

3. Simplify your infrastructure

When it comes to business, complexity costs money, time and energy. Simplifying your infrastructure can reduce complexity; this includes assessing whether infrastructure can be consolidated and centralised, utilising Public Cloud or Managed Services to lessen pressure on IT systems, and taking advantage of enterprise licensing opportunities.

4. Take control of your digital future

Adopt the best communication and collaboration tools for your business.

Software-based and cloud-based solutions can work with virtually any existing network, plug-in connectors can preserve and tie together existing systems, and hybrid premise and cloud models can enable an organisation to adopt new tools without losing existing investments.

5. Leave barriers behind and collaborate

Whether it is within an organisation’s campus, across locations or spanning geographies, bringing people together to communicate, collaborate and share information amplifies collective effort and dramatically improves business performance. Breaking down organisational silos and leveraging collaborative technology tools to facilitate improved communication.

6. Partner with people you trust

You cannot maximise your potential – and your bottom line – without a trusted technology partner by your side.

Unify focuses exclusively on enabling enterprise collaboration by innovating and delivering the best communications solutions available. The key is to find a technology partner you can trust, by ensuring they deliver against your business goals, offer in-depth, specialised expertise, and deliver innovation that drives a competitive edge.

7. Overcome fragmentation in your business

Disparate and fragmented systems or applications create an increased support and training burden, and are costlier to manage and maintain. Interrogate options that will assist in avoiding the hidden costs of fragmentation, in support, lost productivity, and frustration, by streamlining infrastructure and processes.

Unify’s leading solutions include:

  • OpenScape Business PAYG – Integrated UC voice, presence, conferencing, contact centre, messaging and mobility for organisations up to 2,000 users.
  • OpenScape Enterprise Express – An integrated enterprise communications solution with voice, unified communications, collaboration, mobility and call center, designed for growing enterprises with up to 5,000 users across virtually unlimited sites.
  • OpenScape Voice – A reliable, secure platform enabling users to discuss large enterprise solutions. It has the highest degree of interoperability in the market place with Department of Defense certification.
  • Circuit – Web RTC-based enterprise cloud collaboration bringing together voice, video, chat, screen share, file sharing and storage, into one single app. Unify will also demonstrate CircuitMeeting Room, the recently launched low-cost, high definition video, virtual meeting room.

For more information on Unify’s digital solutions and how Tarsus Distribution can help implement them to the benefit of your business, speak to Werner Herbst at Tarsus Distribution on 011 531 1000, or send him an email detailing your query.

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