Digital marketing won’t save the trees Digital marketing won’t save the trees
That's because the trees don't need saving. Digital marketing won’t save the trees

That’s because the trees don’t need saving. In fact, the paper industry is one of the most sustainable industries on the planet, as the people who make paper, like Sappi, also make sure they replant the trees they harvest at a rate faster than they are harvesting, and recycle where they can.

So the “save the trees” articles you’ve no doubt read that claim deforestation is partly the paper industry’s fault, are just plain wrong. The combination of responsible forestry, recycling, and the move to digital marketing (initiatives like this blog) are doing the trick.

That’s the short of it. For the long of it, read this article posted to another digital marketing initiative, a local blog called Elite Online Solutions. It provides the facts and figures to back all of this up, and is a fascinating read.

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