Dell Technologies World conference: Highlights so far Dell Technologies World conference: Highlights so far
Dell's annual technology conference is currently underway in Las Vegas; here are some highlights. Dell Technologies World conference: Highlights so far

The Dell Technologies World conference is currently underway in the US, in Las Vegas.

While we’re not physically there, we’re very interested in what Dell has to say, and one of the first announcements to catch our eye was a video detailing the Dell Technologies Unified Workspace.

It’s a solution designed to help mobile workers get their jobs done, and to help IT focus on revenue-generating projects rather than managing users and their devices and applications.

Check it out:

More Cloud

During his keynote address, Dell CEO Michael Dell spoke about how the company is embracing the “As-a-Service” model, and announced the Dell Technologies Cloud.

The official website refers to the service as “Cloud without the chaos”. It is meant to help Dell customers navigate their multi-cloud environments just that much easier, “…accelerating customers’ multi-cloud journeys” according to the official press release.

“At the core, we’re combining the innovations of Dell EMC, VMware and Pivotal, to create a developer friendly, highly-automated, intelligent and efficient cloud architecture,” Dell said.

The partnership will bring Dell and VMWare even closer to offer customers even more value, and enable Dell to provide the kinds of in-demand IT products and services that Dell believes will drive growth.

Hopeful Keynote

Overall, Michael Dell’s keynote speech expressed a lot of hope, encouraging others to adopt a similar approach to his company’s culture of “technology optimism” when it comes to the future.

“A new age of miracles is literally around the corner,” he said. “We’re technologists and we share an awesome responsibility – it’s up to us to ensure that technology reflects our humanity and our values.”

He also highlighted just how well the company is doing, saying “We’re growing. We’re gaining share. We’ve invested more than $20 billion in R&D in the last five years. We’re paying down debt and we’re integrating and innovating across our family of business like never before.”

There’s clearly a lot of good things going on at Dell Technologies World this year.

To keep an eye on it all, follow the official Dell YouTube channel for more.

[Image: Dell]

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