Dell notebooks offer peace of mind for the mobile workforce Dell notebooks offer peace of mind for the mobile workforce
Consider Dell notebooks for their extensive security options and the company’s ground-up approach to creating the safest work environments possible. Dell notebooks offer peace of mind for the mobile workforce

Not being tethered to a desk to get work done can be quite liberating, as is not having to drive to work on congested roads full of bad drivers and hazards. And that’s entirely possible today, thanks to the emergence of notebook computers as the de facto productivity device used in businesses across the world.

Of course, this means that security measures simply must be put in place to keep sensitive data and systems safe, and this can frustrate employees and sap away productivity time, even when they’re working correctly.

Professional choice

That’s why Dell notebooks are a great choice for the professional looking for a computer that’s both powerful and secure, thanks to the company’s efforts over the years to implement security measures that don’t get in the way, and deliver powerful hardware that’s a pleasure to work on.

Fingerprint readers are slowly making their way into the mainstream thanks to their presence on some high-end smartphones, and you’ll find this security technology, and others, available on Dell’s business laptops.

Windows security

Microsoft has also been working on Windows to boost security by making better use of cutting-edge authentication technologies. That’s why Windows Hello is built into the operating system, giving users the option to access their machines through a traditional password, a PIN code, a fingerprint scan, or by advanced facial recognition that works with supported webcams.

Identity & Access Management

And on the business’s side there’s Dell’s Identity & Access Management, an “Identity as a service” service, that helps businesses manage staff identities even further. Together with the security hardware on Dell laptops, this ensures that the person behind the keyboard is truly who they say they are.

Just a few years ago, systems such as these were a challenge to implement, and required the input of expensive IT support services. But now, thanks to comprehensive security options built right into the hardware and operating system, even the smallest SME can create and manage their own secure environments affordably, yet effectively.

Even more security options

These are just some of the security options available for individuals, small businesses, and huge corporations looking for solid hardware with well-thought-out software to back it up. But, look a little deeper and you can find even more security options available: Dell notebooks also offer pre-boot authentication, BIOS protection, and tracking and recovery options. There are layers of security to be uncovered by the savvy user or business, and many more for intruders to get caught up in.


And this continues inside of the Dell ecosystem with support for SonicWall network security products that ensure that every byte of information in a business’s network is safe.

Attacks against networks can sometimes be carried out by those unaware that their personal device is compromised, which makes this type of security even more important. There’s also email security options available as this form of communication continues to be both a vital channel for business as well as a viable attack vector for criminals.

And as Dell laptops focus on mobility and working wherever, SonicWall also offers secure remote access options which allows management to control and monitor them closely to potentially stop threats before they can do damage.

2017 and beyond

In 2017 and beyond, no person or business can afford not to be vigilant when it comes to the security of the computers on which they do their work. So consider Dell products for their extensive security options and the company’s ground-up approach to creating the safest work environments possible, even when you’re on the road.

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