Dell and Windows 10 Pro: Business Bliss Dell and Windows 10 Pro: Business Bliss
When it comes to business notebooks, Dell has a fantastic reputation for building fast, high-quality, and durable notebooks. They’re also backed by incredible after-sales... Dell and Windows 10 Pro: Business Bliss

When it comes to business notebooks, Dell has a fantastic reputation for building fast, high-quality, and durable notebooks. They’re also backed by incredible after-sales service and support, which goes a long way to pleasing the higher-ups and keeping workers productive.

Dell has a wide range of business notebooks, too, offering something for every business segment and use case.

Consider Dell’s Latitude series: Latitude notebooks are sleek, well-made business notebooks that satisfy the need for speed, versatility, and business continuity.

More than just looking the part

Not only do they look the part of a serious business notebook, they run Windows 10 Professional, some models offer more than 13 hours on a single charge, and the overall design leverages generous RAM counts and solid-state storage to deliver performance that tears through any business task that’s thrown at them.

Some Latitude business notebooks also feature Full HD touchscreens, putting the best of Windows 10’s touch-friendly interface literally at the fingertips of the user. Being able to navigate through the desktop, the internet, and apps with touches is the perfect complement to touchpad- and mouse-based usage.

Don’t underestimate just how convenient it is to stab at the screen for certain functions (like pressing OK to confirm instructions); once you’ve used a touchscreen it’ll be hard to revert to mouse-only Windows usage.

And with built-in fingerprint readers and advanced webcams that support Windows Hello’s high-tech authorisation technologies, these devices are super-secure and can comply with any organisation’s security requirements.

Flexibility where needed

For organisations with a need for something a little more flexible, the Latitude range also offers advanced 2-in-1 designs that put handy convertible notebooks in the hands of workers.

These Latitude 2-in-1s are perfect for presentations and meetings, as they flip more into an A-frame form factor that lets the user easily position them on a desk to show the room whatever is being discussed.

As 2-in-1s all come with touchscreens, they are super easy to operate in this configuration as well. Under the hood, they’re driven by cutting-edge Intel processors, have enough RAM for the multi-tasking that powers business these days, and their storage subsystems use solid-state disks. Together, these components are why they boot up quickly and why Windows 10 Pro responds to all inputs really quickly.

Windows 10 Pro benefits

While strong hardware is a brilliant foundation, it’s Windows 10 Pro that really makes these notebooks and 2-in-1s sing.

That’s because it provides the features businesses need to secure their environments, protect their data, and adhere to the group policies set by IT. Furthermore Windows 10 Pro is closely connected to the cloud and connects users to the many cloud-powered functions Microsoft offers, like OneDrive (storage), Cloud Reinstall (the ability to restore the PC from the cloud), and more.

And when you add in Office 365, these notebooks become powerhouses that can satisfy the everyday productivity needs of most, if not all businesses. Microsoft’s cloud-connected version of Office is the perfect companion, providing email, presentation, word processing, spreadsheet, and database functionality, all for a low subscription cost per user. Bliss.

Add in other Windows 10 Pro features like domain access, BitLocker encryption, and remote desktop capabilities, and it becomes clear just how well the Latitude range fulfils the functionality, performance, and security requirements of modern business notebooks.

Get in touch

The combination of Dell and Windows 10 Pro is just what businesses need to take their productivity and security to the next level.

If you’d like to find out more about Dell or Windows 10 Pro, by all means get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to start you on your journey to peace of mind.

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