A “dark mode” File Explorer and a cloud clipboard coming to Windows 10 A “dark mode” File Explorer and a cloud clipboard coming to Windows 10
Cross-platform copying & pasting and not being blinded by File Explorer at night? Yes please. A “dark mode” File Explorer and a cloud clipboard coming to Windows 10

The Verge reported yesterday that Microsoft’s latest Insider Preview build of Windows 10, version 17666, features a preview of a “dark mode” look to File Explorer, and the ability to use the cloud to store clipboard contents so it can be pasted across devices.

The “dark mode” File Explorer will likely please anyone who’s opened regular File Explorer at night and had their eyes assaulted by brightness, and being able to copy and paste across computers  – and even across platforms to iOS and Android phones – is sure to come in handy for anyone who uses multiple devices during their work day.

These features – and others – are currently being tested by users on the Fast track of its Windows Insider programme. Insider lets interested people opt in to test new features before they roll out as part of the OS’s big updates, as a sort of beta-testing programme that lets Microsoft get feedback and tweak things accordingly.

The Fast track is for people who want to see early versions of Windows 10’s upcoming features and who don’t mind that they might still be buggy and require a lot of work.

If the Insider programme sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can sign up here using your Microsoft account. Just be warned, OS stability goes out the window with these preview builds, so rather install them on a test PC instead of one you count on for serious stuff.

For the full skinny on both of the features mentioned, check out The Verge’s article here. And if a list and explanation of all of the new features present in build 17666 interests you, visit the official Windows Blog page on it.

Should you have any questions on Windows 10, or on any of the products Microsoft sells, contact Tarsus Distribution’s Microsoft product manager, Andrew Firman, on 011 531 1000 or send him an email.

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