DaaS – Don’t Get Left Behind DaaS – Don’t Get Left Behind
Device-as-a-Service makes device ownership and management a thing of the past. DaaS – Don’t Get Left Behind

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is surging ahead to become the standard practice for IT procurement and management. The benefits of DaaS; which include improved strategic asset management, improved cash flow, and reduced expenditure, stronger cybersecurity, a dedicated procurement and management team, and all the rest: simply makes sense for all aspects of your business.

If you’re unsure about this, simply ask yourself the following:

  • Do you want to reduce your IT costs?
  • Are you tired of the constant struggle of keeping staff throughout all levels of your organisation happy with their technology?
  • Could you have invested CAPEX more productively?
  • Do you want a flexible procurement system that constantly adapts to changes in technology and the shifting demands of your business and staff? Most importantly, are you tired of the effect that technology obsolescence has on your IT procurement, management, capital expenditure, and overall productivity?

DaaS is the definitive answer to all these questions. HP’s DaaS solution currently leads this burgeoning sector of the IT industry. It features two cutting edge tools that enable efficient monitoring and management of your entire IT fleet. HP TechPulse keeps a close watch on each device’s working condition, alerting when replacement, repair, updates and upgrades are necessary. The Proactive Management Analytical tool then enables you to take the necessary actions.

Device-as-a-Service Makes Device Ownership and Management a Thing of the Past

Until recently, device ownership has been the predominant IT procurement practice. This practice has made IT a capital expense, not to mention that it has cost millions in replacements and management. IT departments have tended to have their hands full with management and troubleshooting. DaaS unburdens your IT department by reducing its need to procure and manage devices. This not only frees up capital for investment, but it also removes device management from IT’s tasks, giving the department time and space for more important operations.

With the elimination of device ownership and management from your company, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Lower, more predictable costs, shifting the expenses from CAPEX to OPEX.
  • Constant access to the latest technology, as your service provider will update devices as they become too old and newer technology enters the market.
  • Better security, as DaaS comes with a whole armory of cybersecurity measures which are managed and updated constantly.

FAQs on DaaS

  • Will You Really Save Money With DaaS?

Definitely. The life cycle of each and every device in your fleet is managed by your DaaS provider. Devices are returned to the provider for retirement or redeployment. The lifecycle management process means that devices are deployed for full productivity and means that you will ultimately end up buying less hardware. Without DaaS, you would typically procure your own devices, which can lead to substantial waste and redundancy.

  • What Effect Does DaaS Have on Productivity?

A major key to productivity is the age of the equipment deployed to your staff. Since DaaS updates these constantly, all with minimal downtime, it should be apparent that this service increases productivity.

  • What’s the Difference Between Traditional Hardware Leasing and DaaS?

With traditional leasing, you (the lessee) are responsible for the management of the IT assets. With DaaS, the lessor takes on this responsibility, managing all of your assets throughout their entire life cycles.

  • How Is DaaS Suited to the Demands of the Modern Workforce?

Modern workforces are more mobile than ever, often working completely remotely with little need to be in a central office. This makes tech support a challenge. It can sometimes take days for a remote employee to get their device repaired when necessary. DaaS providers can ease this problem with exchange plans that can have employees back at their desks in a matter of hours.

HP DaaS, complete with TechPulse and Proactive Management, is the industry leader in this flourishing IT business model. Migrate your IT fleet to HP DaaS today. Contact Tarsus Distribution for more information.

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