DaaS Delivers Enhanced Security and Sustainability DaaS Delivers Enhanced Security and Sustainability
Every single device in a DaaS leased inventory is protected against attacks. DaaS Delivers Enhanced Security and Sustainability

No matter what methodology or service you are using to manage your IT infrastructure, the security of your data is likely to be of paramount importance. Information makes up the heart of all businesses today. And this means that data security is foremost in every business owner and IT manager’s mind.

HP’s Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) options, in addition to providing a host of benefits relating to finances and device management, also provide enhanced security options that allay any fears over these threats. Every single device in a DaaS leased inventory is protected against attacks. In addition, the security software is monitored to stay up to date with security
policies and upgrades. In fact, the entire fleet will be automatically updated on a regular basis to keep your precious data safe.

HP DaaS even allows the option to track lost, stolen or retired devices. For example, when any device is lost or stolen, it can be:

  • Located,
  • Locked to deny access to the thief, and/or
  • Locked to deny access to anyone who picks it up.

When devices are retired, they can also be wiped of all data related to your business, allowing for resale or repurposing.

HP DaaS uses a cutting-edge monitoring tool called TechPulse, which offers invaluable help in this area. It keeps track of every device in your fleet, not only measuring their working condition but also constantly assessing their security status. It can tell you which devices, if any, aren’t running antivirus software or firewalls, or are under attack from malware, and recommend speedy remedial action. Using the Proactive Management tool, you can then implement the necessary fix.

How DaaS Helps With Workforce Expectations

Another benefit of DaaS is its ability to deliver to staff expectations. We live in an increasingly tech-savvy world in which people place enormous value on the devices they use. The younger members of the workforce regard their devices as extensions of their identities and will, therefore, not accept substitutes. So, providing them with the best, most up-to-date and most stylish devices amount to not only giving them the best tool for the job but also offering them a substantial perk. DaaS enables companies to deliver exactly the right technology for each job, as well as delivering the newest devices, which your employees will be happy to handle and operate. The ability to address these needs enables companies to manage and meet the IT expectations of their staff. This is a very necessary consideration in a business environment where there is intense competition for the best talent.

How DaaS helps With Sustainability in the Workplace

Sustainable, environmentally friendly operations are an increasingly central criterion driving the choices of consumers and firms as to whom they are prepared to do business with. When procuring IT infrastructure, therefore, companies need to make well-informed, sustainable choices. Thankfully, this is becoming easier to do, especially with DaaS. DaaS providers offer their customers access to sustainably designed technology and the most energy-efficient devices on the market. This is good news for the environment, clients, and employees in an increasingly climate- and environment-conscious world.

HP DaaS is the ultimate solution to your IT procurement and management needs, with cutting-edge security and sustainability-focused technology that keeps your business fully equipped and your data safe.

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