CloudGuard IaaS Private and Public Cloud Security CloudGuard IaaS Private and Public Cloud Security
CloudGuard provides complete protection against cyber attacks like zero-days, phishing and account takeovers. CloudGuard IaaS Private and Public Cloud Security

Are you a CIO or CTO looking for a cloud security solution that offers instant threat visibility, data control and data protection for IaaS private and public cloud situations? Then CloudGuard may be your solution.

As a cloud service with cloud-to-cloud API architecture, CloudGuard allows IT teams to easily identify unsanctioned SaaS applications in use, and prevents data leakage by blocking the sharing of sensitive data and leveraging 800 recognised data types.

Some of the features of CloudGuard include that it is:

  • Delivered as a cloud service,
  • Zero-day threat prevention,
  • Phishing prevention,
  • Identity protection,
  • Data leakage protection,
  • SaaS shadow IT discovery,
  • Intuitive cloud management, and
  • It can be deployed within minutes.

CloudGuard’s benefits include the following:

  • According to NSS Labs, it offers the ‘Most Effective Breach Prevention’ for malware and zero-days,
  • Blocks account takeovers wherever they happen, with unpassable Identity Protection,
  • Catches more phishing attacks, leveraging artificial intelligence, and 
  • API architecture enables seamless integration with SaaS applications and instant threats visibility.

CloudGuard SaaS can seamlessly be deployed and monitored in a centralised way via an intuitive web portal.  

Minimise Attack Surface, Protect Against Vulnerabilities and Prevent Data Loss

CloudGuard SaaS prevents malware and zero-day threats from attacking SaaS users. Using Check Point’s industry-leading SandBlast technology, it protects Office365 and Gmail attachments, as well as in-app file sharing and web downloads on Box, OneDrive and others.

SandBlast technology, recognised by NSS Labs as the ‘most effective in breach prevention’ with a 100% block rate and highest score in evasion testing, provides multi-layered protection for SaaS users.

CloudGuard SaaS leverages CPU-level threat emulation to scan and quarantine zero-days on email attachments, shared files and web downloads, extracting threats to deliver safe files in seconds.

It also detects and blocks phishing, spear phishing and email spoofing, as well as further clever phishing attacks that manage to bypass other products. It uses artificial intelligence to detect malicious content on Office365 and Gmail, and advanced URL filtering to identify dangerous email sources.

Check Point CloudGuard provides complete protections against enterprise-targeted attacks like zero-days, phishing and account takeovers, addressing real SaaS threats, and preventing breaches on SaaS applications.

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