Introducing Gen V of Cyber Security Introducing Gen V of Cyber Security
Learn more about Check Point's fifth generation of cyber security solutions here. Introducing Gen V of Cyber Security

Cyber attacks and protection against them have advanced rapidly in the last 25 years. In 2017 we saw unprecedented cyber-attacks carried out as large-scale, multi-vector mega attacks that inflicted major damage on businesses and their reputation.

Taking a look at the last few decades, it is easy to identify the different generations of both attacks and security solutions. Today’s attacks are the most advanced and impactful we have ever seen, as we find ourselves in the midst of the 5th generation of cyber attacks.

Here is a brief overview of the cyber attacks generations:

  • Generation 1 – Late 1980s

Virus attacks on stand-alone PCs affected all businesses and drove the rise of anti-virus products.

  • Generation 2 – Mid 1990s

Attacks from the internet affected all business and drove the creation of the firewall.

  • Generation 3 – Early 2000s

Exploiting vulnerabilities in applications affected most businesses and drove the rise in intrusion prevention systems (IPS) products.

  • Generation 4 – Approximately 2010

Rise of targeted, unknown, evasive, polymorphic attacks affected most businesses and drove the increase in anti-bot and sandboxing products.

  • Generation 5 – Approximately 2017

Large scale and multi-vector mega attacks using advanced attack technologies. Detection-only based solutions are not sufficient enough against these fast-moving attacks; advanced threat prevention is required.

Doug Cahill, group director and senior cyber security analyst at market research firm, Enterprise Strategy Group, says that: “Enterprises need to protect themselves from sophisticated — and dangerous — attacks on all fronts, which include the network, endpoint, mobile and cloud arenas. These latest, fifth generation attacks (Gen V) require a comprehensive fifth generation cyber security solution, such as Check Point’s Infinity Total Protection, to keep critical business data safe from potentially devastating attacks across the entire enterprise.”

Hardware and Software Protection Through Infinity Total Protection

Check Point Infinity Total Protection (ITP) is the first and only security consumption model, enabling enterprises to benefit from the most advanced threat prevention technologies available today on all their networks, endpoints, mobile and cloud environments.

The programme enables enterprises to access full use of all of Check Point’s security technologies including software, services, hardware and support to protect their entire IT infrastructure, cloud and mobile workers via an annual subscription that is based on the number of enterprise users.

Infinity Total Protection is a consolidated, single security architecture that offers the following:

  • Manages mobile, cloud and network environments,
  • Protects them with integrated threat prevention,
  • Has a security policy that expresses your business needs, and
  • It supports the ebb and flow of cloud demand with auto-scaling.

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