Reduce TCO and Increase Protection with a Consolidated Security Architecture Reduce TCO and Increase Protection with a Consolidated Security Architecture
Check Point Infinity is the only cyber security architecture that protects the business against Gen V mega cyber attacks. Reduce TCO and Increase Protection with a Consolidated Security Architecture

As a business owner, technical specialist or CTO, improving your organisation’s ability to mitigate risk at a reasonable and sustainable investment level is likely a top priority.

While many people believe that true protection is unattainable and that the only way to keep your business’ data and resources secure is by mitigating threats after they have penetrated defences, there is another solution, namely a security architecture that adapts to dynamic business demands and is focused on prevention to ensure all key assets are completely protected.

Check Point Infinity is the only fully consolidated cyber security architecture that protects the business and IT infrastructure against Gen V (5th Generation) mega cyber attacks across all networks, endpoints, cloud and mobile. Some of the benefits of Check Point Infinity Architecture include:

  • Advanced Threat Prevention

The industry’s leading suite of protection capabilities, deployed across networks, cloud and mobile.

  • Shared Threat Intelligence

Check Point ThreatCloud, which amalgamates and distributes threat intelligence and protection updates in real-time.

  • Consolidated Management

A unified management interface that allows business-oriented risk policies to be operationalised into security protections, with APIs for integration with IT infrastructure and applications.

Infinity Total Protection – Revolutionary Cyber Security for Your Business

Infinity Total Protection (ITP) is a security consumption model that continues to change the way leading businesses prevent threats to their business. It gives companies complete protection against Gen V attacks in a simple all-inclusive, per-user, per-year subscription offering.

ITP is the only subscription offering available today that includes both network security hardware and software. On top of around-the-clock premium support and a unified way to manage your company’s IT security, it also comes with fully integrated endpoint, cloud and mobile protection and zero-day threat prevention.

More Benefits to Your Business:

  • The most advanced real-time threat prevention against Gen V cyber-attacks,
  • Consumes all the security technologies and associated services based on your needs,
  • Includes software, hardware, subscriptions and services,
  • Single procurement and predictable spend,
  • 24 x 7 support and real-time security updates (ThreatCloud), and
  • It can be managed from a central console, delivering real-time security updates and total prevention across all business environments (on-premises, mobile, cloud).

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