Consumers getting a smaller, thinner version of Samsung’s The Wall TV next year Consumers getting a smaller, thinner version of Samsung’s The Wall TV next year
And it's definitely not just another brick. Consumers getting a smaller, thinner version of Samsung’s The Wall TV next year

Remember being curled up on the sofa, watching your favourite TV show? Or movie nights with friends and family, where you made sure that you got the prime position on the sofa, lest you miss out on anything? How about a night of gaming into the wee hours of the morning with your friends?

Now imagine all of the above with a bigger, better screen.

Bigger TVs mean easier viewing; whether alone, with loved ones, or with friends. There is just something about a big screen that can make you feel properly immersed in your entertainment. It’s an unforgettable viewing experience that will leave every TV enthusiast even more in love with the medium.

Samsung knows this, which is likely why the company developed a massive 146-inch 4K TV called “The Wall”, which it showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

For context, 146 inches is 12.1 feet (also 3.7 metres), which is the length of two 6-foot rugby players standing on top of one another. That’s the diagonal measurement of this massive TV, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s called The Wall.

The MicroLED revolution

Beyond just the sheer size of the screen, what makes The Wall so appealing is that the display technology behind the massive panel is Samsung’s own “MicroLED” tech, an alternative to the more-common OLED.

MicroLED offers per-pixel backlighting, and does incredibly bright whites and deep dark blacks, making the on-screen image look even better than OLED panels do.

Slimmer version incoming

Engadget says that while The Wall is only going into mass production in September of 2018, Samsung also indicated that the company is developing a thinner and more compact version of The Wall that will go on sale next year; it’ll be 30mm thick compared to the current version’s 80mm, and “73-inches-or-so” wide compared to the massive 146 inches on show at CES.

Samsung’s TV chief, Han Jong-hee, added that “…the price will not be as high as people expect…”, which is great news for anyone interested in Samsung’s cutting-edge TV tech but who’re worried they might need to take out a second bond on their home to afford it.

QLED is already here

If you’re eager for something new and can’t wait for next year, Samsung already has a range of QLED TVs in the local market that could scratch the itch for a high-quality 4K display. You just won’t get one that’s 146 inches wide, is all.

QLED is not only good at ensuring fantastic image quality, it’s another of Samsung’s proprietary inorganic display technologies, and it extends the lifespan of TVs and prevents things like image burn-in that can happen when displaying static images for too long.

Tarsus Distribution stocks Samsung’s current QLED TV range, and The Wall will be available to order when it becomes available later this year; Tarsus will also sell the consumer version of The Wall’s range when it arrives in 2019.


Here’s the official Samsung video that shows off The Wall in all its glory:

Looks fantastic, doesn’t it?

Should you be keen to add Samsung’s QLED TVs to your range of products, or you’d like to find out more about The Wall before it arrives, contact Tarsus Distribution’s Samsung Product Manager, Charl Van Den Berg, on 011 531 1000 at the company’s Johannesburg headquarters, or send him an email indicating your interest.

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