Check out the curves on Samsung’s awesome new Odyssey gaming monitors Check out the curves on Samsung’s awesome new Odyssey gaming monitors
If you are of the opinion that curved monitors aren't quite curved enough, you're in luck. Check out the curves on Samsung’s awesome new Odyssey gaming monitors

If you are of the opinion that curved monitors aren’t quite curved enough, you’re in luck: Samsung has unveiled two new gaming monitors at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show that are the curviest yet.

Called the Odyssey G7 and the Odyssey G9, these two beauties offer what Samsung says is “an extremely deep curvature” of 1000R.

Quick tech refresher: that means should you have enough of these screens in your possession and you arrange them in a perfect circle, the radius of that circle will be 1000mm (one metre). To put that in context, the screens we’re used to seeing offer a curvature of 1800R, which is significantly less tight than the 1000R on offer here.

In short, that’s a pretty deep curve, and these Odyssey monitors will wrap around the viewer’s vision like no other screens on the market. Good news if you’ve been looking for something to do just that.

If you expected Samsung to stop there, you’d be sorely mistaken: these screens also offer “stunning QLED picture quality” (Samsung’s words), G-Sync compatibility, a refresh rate of 240Hz, and a response time of just 1ms.

What does all of that amount to? Image quality and performance that should satisfy even the fussiest of gamers.

G9 and G7 differences

The G9 is the makhulu monitor: it’s a monster that measures a whopping 49 inches (measured diagonally), it boasts a “Dual Quad High Definition” resolution of 5120 x 1440, and 1000 cd/m2 of peak brightness.

That’s fantastically bright, considering most monitors claim a rating of around the 600 cd/m2 mark, and that resolution at that size will likely please gamers looking for their Next Big Thing, pardon the pun.

The G7 range is also pretty great in its own right, rocking a resolution of up to 2560 x 1440, and offering two size options: 32-inch and 27-inch. Both models sport QLED technology for those intense colours Samsung is known for, and a peak brightness rating of 600 cd/m2.

Other differences include that the G9 has a white glossy finish on the back while the G7 is matte black.

Light it up

Of course, if you were wondering if “Gaming” means these screens will include some sort of nod to the RGB/lighting fad that seems to have gaming in its grip these days, you’d be right: both the G7 and G9 screens have a rear core light that can be adjusted in a number of ways to suit the user’s preferences.

It’s not full-on RGB, but it’s certainly good enough to scratch the itch for that “little something extra” that discerning gamers are looking for these days.

When and how much?

There is no news on pricing as of yet, but Tarsus Distribution expects these screens to become available in Q2, 2020.

This is supported by Samsung’s official press release, which says “Samsung’s G9 and G7 will be available globally beginning Q2 2020”.

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