Celebrating Africa Day Celebrating Africa Day
Today is Africa Day, and we could not be more proud to be African! Celebrating Africa Day

Today is Africa Day, and we could not be more proud to be African!

What does “being African” mean to you? For us at the Tarsus Technology Group it means beauty, pride and diversity. It’s an amazing experience to be here on the southern tip of Africa and to be able to experience all that is Africa, every day.

Being proudly African for us means recognising the potential that lies within ourselves and our neighbours on the continent. This includes ensuring that part of our strategy is focused on working towards acquiring insights from our neighbours that will allow us to build on their potential for the benefit of the continent.

Earlier in the year, our SADC team visited Botswana and is currently visiting Zimbabwe to chat to resellers and end-customers about their needs and how we can address them. It is an important part of our strategy to be close to these stakeholders so that we can all partner together to acknowledge and maximise Africa’s potential for technological advancement.

We cannot speak about this pride and not mention the importance of empowering African youth. We offer learnerships and educational platforms with the aim to impart skills that will carry youngsters into IT-related fields like technical support and IT administration. These learnerships encourage our youngsters to not only learn and grow, but to innovate as well because innovation is a very important part of the technology revolution that’s currently underway.

And what would Africa Day be without a celebration of her diverse cultures and the beautiful attire that shows it off? Last year we had what we called #DoekFridays; this was an opportunity for us to celebrate our diverse heritage by encouraging our people to wear different head scarfs such has doeks/turbans/ bandanas.

There are plenty of aspects to being African that we can celebrate, both fun and serious, and as a proudly African company these are some of the ones we wanted to share with you.

We are excited for what the future holds for our journey deeper into the African technology sector, and we look forward to further building a better Africa together with our partners and their clients!

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