Elevate to HP Office Printing

HP’s office printing solutions offer a compact design, world-leading security, energy-efficiency and smart workflow solutions.

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AMD Processors Provide the Real-World Performance Your Employees Demand

More than ever, your organisation needs secure, reliable and high-performance PC computing.

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DaaS – Don’t Get Left Behind

Device-as-a-Service makes device ownership and management a thing of the past.

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DaaS Delivers Enhanced Security and Sustainability

Every single device in a DaaS leased inventory is protected against attacks.

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What Is DaaS?

What Is DaaS?

Sponsored Jan 13, 2020 1

Device-as-a-Service turns your acquisition and management of devices into an ongoing service.

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How DaaS Will Make Technology Obsolescence a Thing of the Past

Your company’s IT infrastructure costs you more than it should. DaaS can help.

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Lenovo ThinkPad: Building on a Legacy with Windows 10 Pro
Lenovo built on IBM’s hardware legacy when they took over IBM’s personal computer business in 2005. Since then the company has created a huge range of notebook and desktop computers and enjoyed significant market share. These sleek machines come in all shapes and sizes, and there is literally one... Read more
HP EliteBooks and Windows 10 Pro: Beautiful excellence
Calling a notebook an “EliteBook” is a big statement of just how good the product is meant to be, creating an expectation of excellence, premium workmanship, and unrivalled performance in the buyer’s mind. HP delivers on that promise with its new EliteBook business notebooks. These illustrious machines incorporate every... Read more
Dell and Windows 10 Pro: Business Bliss
When it comes to business notebooks, Dell has a fantastic reputation for building fast, high-quality, and durable notebooks. They’re also backed by incredible after-sales service and support, which goes a long way to pleasing the higher-ups and keeping workers productive. Dell has a wide range of business notebooks, too,... Read more
Achieve peace of mind with Acer and Windows 10 Pro
Acer has been a player in the South African market for more than 25 years. In that time the company has earned itself a reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality, cost-effective computing hardware and services. When it comes to business notebooks, Acer’s TravelMate range has long been a favourite of... Read more