Security is driven by the news cycle

Cyberattacks don’t often make the news, but when they do they tend to make a big splash.

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What it means to be a woman in tech
As Women’s Month draws to a close, Tarsus Technology Group sat down with some of the leaders in our business to discuss what role women play in the technology industry in South Africa. Read more
Creating Future-ready Females Through Coding

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution it’s critical that we focus on empowering young girls to learn code.

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What is End of Support and what does it mean for your business?

Both Windows Server 2008/2008 SR2 and Windows 7 will reach EOS on the 14th of January, 2020.

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They’ll be back: Cybersecurity Trends 2019

On or off premise, in or out the cloud, business cybersecurity remains the most topical conversation at the table in 2019.

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Building effective corporate culture around ML and AI

TTG’s Anton Herbst explores what AI and ML needs from business to be effective tools to power future growth.

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4IR: Building Within a Revolution

Facing down the digital, social and economic challenges presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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The “As a Service” revolution is boosting business and slashing costs
There is a major shake-up happening in the IT industry, and it’s helping companies to move away from traditional hardware sales, and into a space where they make money on an ongoing basis. They do this by supplying not only IT hardware, but peripheral services as well, that are... Read more
Tarsus excited about partnership with government’s YES initiative

TTG opted into President Ramaphosa’s YES initiative that helps young graduates get real-world work experience, with fantastic results.

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Continuous learning is the key to employee growth

Valuable skills, personal growth, career development: platforms like LinkedIn Learning are transforming the employee parameter.

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