The Azure Files: Episode 11 – Wonderful WordPress The Azure Files: Episode 11 – Wonderful WordPress
How friendly is Azure to Wordpress? Very, as it turns out! The Azure Files: Episode 11 – Wonderful WordPress

It’s Monday, and you know what that means: more Azure Files! This time, it’s all about Bitnami!

Here is episode 11:

This week’s episode aims to answer Brett from Dunkeld’s question on the cloud, and how he’s keen to use it to host his WordPress blog but he doesn’t want to concern himself with spinning up servers from scratch.

The answer, says Matt, involves spinning up a WordPress instance in Azure using a service called Bitnami which also helps to secure it against malware. That way, there’s no need to worry about configuring servers – you just spin up your WordPress instance and off you go.

The most interesting bit for anyone thinking of starting a cloud-hosted WordPress blog is that doing it this way is free, and all you pay for are the resources your blog consumes. Easy!

This week’s Geeky Fact of the Week is all about LAMP, so stick around for that (or manually navigate to the 4:26 mark).

For more information on WordPress in Azure, or Bitnami, contact the Azure team at Tarsus on Demand either by email or give them a call on 011 531 1000. You can also get them your own cloud question that way, if you have one.

Until next time!

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