ASUS RT-AC68U AC1900 Wi-Fi router ASUS RT-AC68U AC1900 Wi-Fi router
Wide Wi-Fi coverage, superb performance, and ease of use are yours for the taking. ASUS RT-AC68U AC1900 Wi-Fi router

There are only two things a modern Wi-Fi router needs to do to make connected devices happy: supply really fast, rock-solid AC-class Wi-Fi over a wide area.

And that’s exactly what the ASUS RT-AC68U does. It’s fast, provides Wi-Fi throughout even crowded office and home spaces, and as a bonus it looks very cool with its angled lines and wedge-like shape, and sets up easy as pie.

Long story short, this is the router to go for if your home or business has just been hooked up to superfast fibre and you have a lot of devices that need to connect to it.

Performance & Coverage

Cutting out all of the techno-speak, suffice it to say that the RT-AC68U provides Wi-Fi that’s fast enough that in a home scenario, you’ll be able to play online games, stream online videos at 1080p, and stream your gameplay to Twitch.tv – all at the same time, and without missing a beat.

In an office situation, you’ll be able to support many devices (phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets) connecting at the same time and downloading email, browsing the web, and using your business applications without any fear of network slowdown or poor performance.

In raw numbers, you can expect this router to reliably connect devices at speeds of above 300mbps.

The router’s multi-antennae design and support for 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi means the wireless signal will reach every nook and cranny of your premises – a key feature that’ll find favour with users accustomed to poor signal from their existing routers in some spots within their homes or business premises.

Interface & Security

ASUS’s rock-solid programming and excellent interface design ensures that using and configuring the router is as easy as pie. Easier, even.

To set it up, simply connect to the router via Ethernet cable or by following the included instructions to connect to it for the first time, and follow the prompts. It couldn’t be any easier.

ASUS Router App
The ASUS Router App

Or, you can download the ASUS Router App and setup your router, manage network traffic, diagnose connection issues and even update the router’s firmware that way.

Along with excellent wireless security options that include WPA2 Enterprise (encryption that ensures your wireless network can’t be easily hacked), there’s an option to run a Guest network that segments guests from the rest of your network but grants them access to the internet.

And while the RT-AC68U has WPS to make connecting to it easier, you can disable WPS inside the interface to tighten up your network security.


ASUS is known for more than just its hardware and supplying handy software with its products to enhance their value. In this instance, they include Asus AiProtection, a site-blocking and cybersecurity feature backed by Trend Micro that automatically blocks known malware and dodgy sites, and lets you white- and black-list websites yourself.

That means in addition to securing connected devices against malware, you can block any site from your work network (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.) to ensure workers don’t get distracted, as well as make sure your children don’t venture into realms of the unknown online if you’re using this router at home.

ASUS also throws in AiCloud, a feature that lets you access your home network and any connected storage from anywhere, via an app (iOS and Android supported) or via a web browser interface. Super handy for when you need something on a USB drive that’s at home but connected to your router.

ASUS AiMESH for enhanced coverage

One of the most incredible features of ASUS‘s top-end routers is the ability to connect them together to create even wider coverage. ASUS calls this its AiMESH technology, and with two (or more) RT-AC68U routers you can be absolutely positive that you’ve covered every corner of your work premises with top-notch Wi-Fi – especially handy when you are trying to connect large, multi-storey locations to a single network.

Should you want to deploy AiMESH inside your organisation/home right off the bat, ASUS supplies the RT-AC68 router in a dual-pack for your convenience.

Flexible, powerful connectivity

ASUS’s RT-AC68U router is easily one of the very best options when it comes to a router that fills the connectivity needs of any modern business or home connected to the internet via fibre.

It’s fast, its Wi-Fi coverage is superb, and if you need even more coverage all you need to do is hook up another one and create your own MESH system that’ll blanket every corner of your property of great Wi-Fi.

Add in powerful security features and those handy value-adds, and you have a router that is greater than the sum of its parts.

This router is available for sale to resellers via Tarsus Distribution; should you want to place an order for one (or more) of these for your clients, or you’d like to find out more about it, get in touch with your account manager and they’ll give you what you need.

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