ASUS Republic of Gamers Rapture GT-AC2900 Gaming Router ASUS Republic of Gamers Rapture GT-AC2900 Gaming Router
ASUS has pulled out all the stops to build a router that gamers will surely love. ASUS Republic of Gamers Rapture GT-AC2900 Gaming Router

When ASUS develops a router under the Republic of Gamers (ROG) banner, you know it’s going to be fine-tuned to the very specific – and very demanding – needs of gamers.

And that’s exactly the case with the ROG Rapture GT-AC2900: it’s a super-fast AC-class router with game-enhancing features aimed at gamers who need their home network to perform at its peak.

On all of that and more, this router delivers.

It’s a Performer

Firstly, the performance front. This is a fast router, boasting three MIMO antennae to help spread that 5GHz WiFi signal into every corner of your home, while supporting impressive maximum throughput of around 320Mbps, and 100Mbps+ connectivity even through concrete walls and floors.

This won’t necessarily help gamers win online battles, but it’ll definitely keep them connected from across their homes, and transferring big files wirelessly between devices. It’ll also help with getting that superfast fibre connectivity to wireless devices like phones, consoles, and tablets.

Overall, the Rapture’s Wi-Fi signal quality is highly stable and reliable, and thus won’t drop in the middle of important online matches – a huge benefit.

Great Wi-Fi is just part of the package, of course – the Rapture also offers wired connectivity via four Gigabit LAN ports, and it’s these that are recommended to use when the absolute fastest and most stable connectivity is required.

Each port reaches gigabit levels of performance and throughput, and one of them has been designated as a dedicated “gaming port” that prioritises traffic to the device that it’s connected to so that it’s always at the front of the gaming traffic queue.

Gaming-specific Value-Adds

In addition to this stellar performance and reliability, ASUS threw in a multitude of value-adds to sweeten the deal even further for gamers looking for their next router.

Things like latency-reducing software (WTFast for one connected device), easy port-forwarding, and protection from internet nasties via AiProtection Pro are present and accounted for, among others.

Should you wish more devices to use WTFast, you’ll need to subscribe to the service for $9.99 a month – a fair price for the reduced latency to international game servers on offer.

Extended range with AiMESH

ASUS has long included the ability for its high-end routers to connect together to extend the overall range of the network they form. The technology is called AiMESH, and the GT-AC2900 has it.

It pairs easily with other ASUS routers using AiMESH (for example it works with the RT-AC68U we featured earlier this week), and is a great way to ensure the widest-possible coverage of your home with excellent Wi-Fi. Another fantastic value-add that you won’t find elsewhere.

A Gooey GUI

Gamers as a group are a mix of power users who love tweaking everything and newbies just looking to sit down and game. It’s for this reason the Rapture’s interface offers a good mix of user-friendliness and easy access to more advanced functions.

Less intense gamers can simply do what they need to and get out (3-step port-forwarding, easy setup) using the intuitive interface, while power gamers can tweak the router’s settings to their hearts’ content.

They can tweak everything from DHCP rules to their preferred DNS addresses to enabling Denial of Service protection to setting up advanced IPv6 support. There’s even a VPN section for those looking to appear to be physically located in other countries.

All interface elements are laid out in an easy-to-understand fashion, catering nicely to both groups.

She’s Got The Look (and the lights)

When it comes to looks, gamers tend to like aggressive styling. To that end, the Rapture GT-AC2900 boasts sharp lines and a striking angular design. But the star of the show is undoubtedly the RGB accents: the Rapture GT-AC2900 can be lit from within with configurable RGB lighting.

The RGB on offer here can be controlled by the ROG Aura app, which brings with it a huge number of customisation options. Consequently, the AC2900 will look at home in any gamer’s game room and complement any other RGB-lit ROG accessories they might have.

Truly, this is the gaming router of our time.

Meet ASUS half-way

Naturally, to take full advantage of this router’s incredible 5GHz AC-class Wi-Fi performance requires that connecting devices also be equipped with AC-class Wi-Fi hardware.

While the AC2900 also supports 2.4Ghz N-class Wi-Fi, and offers excellent performance for older devices, AC-class Wi-Fi is definitely the better option and offers the fastest wireless connectivity.

A premium experience

ASUS has pulled out all the stops to build a router that gamers will love. It’s fast, it prioritises gaming traffic, it looks amazing, and it’s just what PC and console gamers need to keep themselves playing without interruption.

This premium gaming router is available from Tarsus Distribution; talk to your account manager to find out more, or to place your order.

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