The ProArt PC range from ASUS is aimed at creatives who need the very best The ProArt PC range from ASUS is aimed at creatives who need the very best
ASUS ProArt products combine incredible looks, world-class performance, and the high-end features creative professionals need to do their jobs properly. The ProArt PC range from ASUS is aimed at creatives who need the very best

When creating anything on a computer, the hardware you do it on matters quite a bit.

Sometimes you need extra processor power and super-fast memory to render your video faster, sometimes you need a solid-state hard drive to crunch through data faster than a regular hard drive would, and sometimes you really just want your setup to look as amazing as it performs.

And sometimes, you want all of the above, and more.

That’s where ASUS sees its ProArt series of desktop PCs and monitors: occupying the sweet spot that combines incredible looks, world-class performance, and the features creative professionals need to do their jobs properly.

Introducing The ProArt Monitor Range

Take the company’s curved ProArt monitors, for instance. They have ASUS ‘s Eye Care technology for enhanced viewing and reduced eye-strain, they range in size from 24 to 32 inches, and have been designed with aesthetics that look amazing on your desk.

They’re 4K UHD panels, too, so everything they display looks razor-sharp and as crisp as possible.

But not only that, they also offer 100% colour accuracy – an essential feature for any creative professional producing content for themselves or clients. ASUS even includes their own ProArt Calibration Technology that lets the end user tune those colours to their exact specifications.

They also support industry-required features like HDR (High Dynamic Range lighting), brightness of up to 1000 nits, and display standards like Rec. 709, DCI-P3, and Rec. 2020.

Long story short, the ASUS ProArt range of monitors are exactly what the discerning professional content creator needs to get their work done to the very best of their abilities.

Here’s a video of some creative professionals talking about why they love these beautiful screens so much:

The Mini PC ProArt PA90 Desktop Range

Pairing a ProArt monitor with a PC designed with the same principles in mind is exactly the right combination to soothe any modern artist’s soul.

That’s where ASUS’s Mini PC ProArt PA90 desktop comes in.

Looking at it, you might be forgiven for wondering exactly what it is, but beneath that rounded, smooth exterior you’ll find enough powerful PC hardware to drive even the most demanding professional design applications.

ASUS went with Intel’s 9th-generation Core processors, and paired them with 16GB or 32GB of super-fast memory and a triple-storage design that leverages the compact size and mind-blowing speed of a single 2.5-inch drive and two M.2 solid-state devices.

Liquid cooling ensures the components stay cool and operating at their peak performance and efficiency. And when the PC is under load, the PC automatically extends its top cover to maximise airflow to keep things cool.

Amazingly, the compact chassis also contains a blindingly-fast graphics card, NVIDIA’s powerhouse Quadro P4000 that can drive multiple displays and perform 3D rendering tasks at speeds professionals will really appreciate.

The ProArt PA90 Mini PC is therefore perfect for architects, designers, media and entertainment, and even manufacturing applications.

Check out this beautifully-produced video that shows it off in detail:

Inquire Within

Tarsus Distribution does not currently keep stock of these ProArt products, but they can place an order for you if you’re keen on any of them (subject to vendor MOQ, of course).

Contact your account manager to express your interest, and Tarsus will do the rest.

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