This curved art monitor is elegance on your desk This curved art monitor is elegance on your desk
The folks over at NAG.co.za tested the gorgeous ASUS Designo Curve MXVQ34 for a week, and came away quite impressed. This curved art monitor is elegance on your desk

ASUS has a well-deserved reputation for creating quality PC components, something that comes through in every PC product the company makes. This commitment to excellence is clearly on display in the company’s latest professional art monitor, the Designo Curve MX34VQ.

The MX34VQ is an ultra widescreen display that measures 34 inches diagonally. It also sports a 100Hz refresh rate at a very impressive resolution, and packs in a number of features that make it useful for both professional applications and gaming – including support for AMD’s FreeSync adaptive refresh technology.


The folks over at NAG.co.za tested the screen for a week, and came away quite impressed.

Some choice excerpts from their article:

“After a week spent with this monitor, it’s helped me re-evaluate what I used to think would be the ideal display for me.”

“Compared to high-end “gaming” monitors, the MX34VQ’s colour reproduction is superior. “

“The MX34VQ is, in many ways, a gaming monitor dressed in more casual, sensible clothing. “

“Speaking of the OSD, most monitor menus are rubbish, but the interface on this model is intuitive and easy to navigate. “

Here’s the official video that shows the screen off quite nicely:

And here’s a link to the official ASUS page that goes into extensive detail on all of the screen’s features.

A lot to like

The Designo Curve MX34VQ packs in a lot of appeal: ultra-widescreen means the screen can run applications side-by-side without compromising on what’s visible in each, that curve and aspect ratio makes it far more immersive than non-ultra-widescreen monitors, it enjoys some seriously elegant styling that will really show off the user’s good taste, and best of all, gaming is possible at 100Hz and 3440 x 1440 if your rig can handle it.

On top of that, the base doubles as a wireless charger for compatible phones. That’s a lot to like.

For more information on this gorgeous, curved, 34-inch monitor or to place an order, you can contact Diana Hughes at Tarsus Distribution on 011 531 1000, or send her an email.

[Source: NAG]

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