ASUS AiProtection router security software boosted with new features ASUS AiProtection router security software boosted with new features
The new updates to ASUS AiProtection expand its functionality to keep ASUS routers safer than ever. ASUS AiProtection router security software boosted with new features

Last year we highlighted a feature present in some of ASUS’s latest routers: built-in security software called AiProtection that added a layer of cloud-based cyberprotection, something that was not offered by other router manufacturers.

We mentioned that AiProtection is so powerful, it’s even able to protect against the scourge that is ransomware.

The software works as a value-add to make buying an ASUS router more appealing by boosting its effectiveness at keeping your home or small office network secure.

Classic & Pro Security Software

We were very recently informed by ASUS that AiProtection has been updated with some new features, and split into two offerings of slightly differing capabilities: AiProtection Classic, and AiProtection Pro.

AiProtection Classic includes AiProtection’s stock features: Network security (including a firewall, site blocking, encrypted connections) and Parental Controls like URL filtering that protect young internet surfers from encountering dodgy content.

AiProtection Pro adds features to the stock line-up: Network Security gets an Intrusion Prevention System that detects and stops unauthorised devices from joining the network, while Parental Controls get website and app content filtering, a kid-safe preset, and an internet activity dashboard.

There’s even an AiProtection app that lets parents access AiProtection controls on their router when they’re away from home.

The differences

Here’s a table highlighting the differences between the two:

And here is a list of all ASUS networking devices that these features apply to:

AiProtection Classic and Pro are really just the icing on an already-delicious cake, as ASUS routers already offer reliable, fast WiFi access, world-class encryption options, and a really smart interface that prioritises user-friendliness.

Get from Tarsus

All of the networking devices listed above are available through Tarsus Distribution, and Diana Hughes is the product manager to speak to about them. Diana can be reached via the switchboard (011  531 1000), and by email.

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