ASUS AiMesh tech eliminates dead spots in your WiFi coverage ASUS AiMesh tech eliminates dead spots in your WiFi coverage
Say goodbye to dropped WiFi connections. ASUS AiMesh tech eliminates dead spots in your WiFi coverage

We’ve all had some experience with WiFi “dead spots” in our homes and businesses, and it can be very annoying when our devices lose connectivity as we pass through them.

Fortunately, ASUS has a solution to the problem.

Premium routers from ASUS have a proven track-record of providing wide coverage, powerful performance and rich features, but of course ASUS is always looking to improve. Thanks to market research that suggested significant advantages of mesh Wi-Fi systems, ASUS developed AiMesh, a new technology that uses multiple routers and intelligent algorithms to ensure the user is always connected to the router with the strongest signal.

By spreading AiMesh-compatible routers over a wide area, like a home with multiple levels or a large business, it’s possible to ensure consistent, unbroken WiFi coverage no matter where the user is.

AiMesh gives people the convenience of mixing ASUS WiFi routers to create a mesh network. With other whole-home mesh WiFi systems, people must use matching hubs — often available only in multi-hub packs — and old routers usually won’t work with these systems.

ASUS’ AiMesh technology is much more flexible, and will save you money too: if you already own one of these ASUS routers, you can use it in your AiMesh network.

This, combined with features of ASUS’ high-end routers, delivers world-class WiFi networking performance and functionality.

DSL-AC68U Now Supports AiMesh

One of the most recent modem routers from ASUS, the DSL-AC68U, now supports AiMesh thanks to its most recent BIOS update.

The DSL-AC68U is the only modem router on the market to support AiMesh, too, giving users of ADSL and VDSL internet connections a significant advantage when it comes to providing comprehensive, widespread WiFi coverage of their premises that adapts its signal to the receiving device’s position.

Other ASUS routers support AiMESH with their latest BIOS updates installed, but these are WAN routers and not ADSL/VDSL routers. If you own one of these, you can use them as additional nodes in your AiMESH network.

This page lists all of the ASUS routers that currently support AiMesh, and ASUS says it will be expanded to include even more models over time.

Once users of the above routers have the latest BIOS installed and their routers places throughout their homes or business premises, they can install the ASUS Router mobile app to their mobile device and set up, manage, and make changes to the resulting mesh network. It’s quick, easy, and secure – everything a discerning network user could want.

AiMESH is yet another value-added router feature offered by ASUS, complementing ASUS’ enterprise-grade security feature, AiProtection, which helps to protect networks against advanced cyberattacks like ransomware exploits.

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Should you or your customers be having trouble with your own WiFi coverage and are looking for an upgrade or to deploy a mesh network using ASUS’ AiMesh technology, contact the ASUS Product Manager at Tarsus Distribution, Diana Hughes, on 011 531 1000 or send her an email indicating your interest.

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