An insider’s perspective on Tarsus and the COVID-19 pandemic An insider’s perspective on Tarsus and the COVID-19 pandemic
"Tarsus has really brought us together in this difficult period", says TTG's Adel Goussard. An insider’s perspective on Tarsus and the COVID-19 pandemic

Adel Goussard, Organisational Effectiveness Specialist at Tarsus Technology Group, has plenty of experience with the more human aspects of business. She knows just how well TTG has fared in the lockdown when it’s come to managing the human side of the business during the pandemic.

“Tarsus, as a whole, handled the shift to remote work incredibly well,” she says. “This is partly because of our resiliency as hardy South Africans, but also because of our leaders, who have truly led from the front when it’s come to looking after our employees in this challenging time.”

Leadership responds

“Tarsus leadership made the decision to pivot to a remote working model very quickly once the lockdown began,” Goussard says, “supplying employees that could work from home with what they needed to do their jobs remotely. From there, it’s been a matter of using digital tools like Microsoft Teams to manage and encourage staff.”

“They didn’t just focus on employees, either; a big part of Tarsus’ leadership’s response to the lockdown was to reach out to customers to offer their support however they could. They demonstrated a remarkable level of empathy in a very tough situation and managed to build stronger bonds both internally and externally at the same time.”

Remote work changes

As a result of the changes that remote working introduced, Goussard says the relationship between Tarsus and its employees shifted to one that has a greater appreciation of the more human aspects of each employee’s circumstances.

“Instead of following a regimented ‘this is how to make remote staff happy’ approach, Tarsus is listening to our staff, understanding that each person has their own unique set of circumstances. From the beginning of lockdown, we have had the support and trust of our leadership to be able to work from home effectively.”

Putting the Teams in “teamwork”

Goussard adds that Microsoft Teams has played a crucial role in helping to keep Tarsus staff connected, communicating, and united.

“Teams has been amazing during the lockdown. It lets us do more than just talk business with our people, we use it to motivate and appreciate each other too! Sending each other amusing GIFs and jokes in the chat is great fun and replaces the old water cooler humour. And they’re a nice way to give public acknowledgement when someone does something brilliant, which I’ve seen happen spontaneously in many meetings.”

“Doing all of this has really helped us to build culture and maintain morale, even though we’ve all been cooped up in our homes in the middle of a pandemic.”

“Tarsus has really brought us together in this difficult period, and being together is what has helped us get through it,” Goussard concludes.

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