AMD 7nm: Faster, more efficient, cooler hardware coming soon AMD 7nm: Faster, more efficient, cooler hardware coming soon
AMD's new 7nm product line-up will feature performance, cooling, and power usage improvements. AMD 7nm: Faster, more efficient, cooler hardware coming soon

New products featuring AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.)’s latest processor technology will soon be hitting the market.

These products – servers, notebooks, and desktops – will offer several important benefits derived from the company’s use of advanced manufacturing technologies.

7nm Manufacturing

7nm microprocessor-fabricating technology allows chip-makers to pack more transistors than ever into a smaller area in processors and graphics chips.

This benefits product design as 7nm processors and graphics chips are smaller yet run faster than previous generations, they generate less heat, and use less power.

Notebooks built with AMD chips at their heart will receive the biggest boost. Their batteries will last longer, and they will perform better than their forebears.

Intel not yet on 10nm

AMD’s use of 7nm in its latest chips comes while its chief competitor, Intel, has yet to make the transition to the 10nm manufacturing process.

Intel’s 10nm products are only coming to market by the end of 2019, while AMD has plans to launch its 7nm products into market in July.

Strong Value Prop

AMD’s new 7nm product line-up will include its Ryzen 3000-series CPUs, the X570 chipset, and various Radeon GPUs.

AMD has traditionally approached the market with a strong value proposition (i.e. aggressive pricing when compared to its competitors). This is excellent news for partners whose hardware customers are looking for value and performance.

For a full rundown of Tarsus Distribution’s current AMD-powered product selection, partners can contact Dean Matteucci via the switchboard (011 531 1000) or via email.

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