Achieve peace of mind with Acer and Windows 10 Pro Achieve peace of mind with Acer and Windows 10 Pro
Acer has been a player in the South African market for more than 25 years. In that time the company has earned itself a... Achieve peace of mind with Acer and Windows 10 Pro

Acer has been a player in the South African market for more than 25 years. In that time the company has earned itself a reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality, cost-effective computing hardware and services.

When it comes to business notebooks, Acer’s TravelMate range has long been a favourite of the South African business community, for all of the above reasons and more.

And in 2019, Acer is very much at the top of their game: their TravelMate range of business notebooks ticks all of the boxes that demanding business people need to keep up with the moving target that is modern business requirements.

Acer has done that by outfitting their TravelMate notebooks with features and technologies designed to carry businesses well into the future, and beyond.

They’ve also refined the overall look and feel of the machines with attractive design touches that make them as good to look at as to use.

Start with a good foundation

TravelMate business notebooks build on an excellent hardware foundation consisting of Intel processors, speedy DDR4 RAM, attractive high-resolution screens, solid keyboards, and solid-state storage.

Complementing those is a range of ports needed to connect monitors, external storage, printers, and more – things that many businesspeople make use of.

Build on it with Windows 10 Pro

Working on top of those all-important components is Microsoft’s very best version of Windows to date, Windows 10 Pro.

While TravelMate hardware is largely responsible for their excellent performance, it’s Windows 10 Pro that completes the picture, leveraging that hardware and giving end-users an intuitive user interface that responds fluidly to their input.

More importantly, Windows 10 Pro provides the enterprise-class features and security that businesses can’t afford to go without.

Say Hello to Windows Hello

Chief among these is Windows Hello, Microsoft’s high-tech Windows authentication technology, as TravelMates have the necessary infra-red webcams and fingerprint readers to make use of it.

Windows Hello achieves the impossible by making unlocking business PCs both easy and secure. Infra-red cameras and fingerprint readers are not as easy to bypass, hack, or otherwise undermine as traditional authentication mechanisms like passwords and PINs.

With Windows Hello, all a user needs to do is sit down in front of their PC; if their faces are registered on Windows Hello (a quick and easy process), the computer unlocks automatically.

Authenticating really couldn’t be easier.

Super Security

Strong security is very much a core design principle of Windows 10 Pro, as it’s vital to every organisation that their people, their devices, and their data are kept as safe as possible from the cyberthreats lurking online.

Windows 10 Pro protects against the worst of those threats with Windows Defender, a built-in function that’s on the same level as paid-for anti-malware software solutions. It’s so effective, in fact, that it’s made the list of the top 10 anti-malware solutions as benchmarked by trusted sources like AV Comparatives and AV-Test.org.

This means that right out the box, Windows 10 Pro PCs are already protected.

Encryption Included

Of course there are more threats than just malware: the data contained on business PCs is often more valuable to hackers than the devices themselves. This is why Windows 10 Pro includes a feature called BitLocker, which can encrypt a portion of the device’s hard drive where sensitive business data can be stored.

Even if a hacker gets hold of the machine, they’ll still have to find a way around BitLocker’s AES encryption, which can be set to use a 128-bit or a 256-bit key. Good luck with that!

But wait there’s more!

Other business features provided by Windows 10 Pro include:

  • Device Guard
  • The ability to join a domain
  • Group Policy Management
  • Azure Active Directory support
  • Windows Update for Business
  • Windows Analytics
  • Remote Desktop Support

From this it’s clear that business notebooks running Windows 10 Pro are at a significant advantage over their non-Pro consumer counterparts.

Acer’s TravelMate range of business notebooks therefore offer fantastic benefits for business users serious about their security, and are a must-have when developing a security strategy intended to foster peace of mind.

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