Acer Essential X118 Series: Value projectors for work and play Acer Essential X118 Series: Value projectors for work and play
Need a projector for presentations and/or entertainment? These are great. Acer Essential X118 Series: Value projectors for work and play

Not so long ago, projectors cost a lot of money. These days, they’re actually quite affordable, with the added benefit of offering more bang for your buck than their older forebears did, thanks to technological advances and economies of scale.

Acer’s Essential X118 series is a great example of this. They’re DLP projectors that can throw huge images of up to 7.62m (diagonally) onto surfaces as far away as 11.8m, they last for up to 4,000 hours of normal operation before needing a new lamp, and they can play video at resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200. That’s sharper than Full HD!

They can also project 3D content, if you have the right equipment to connect to them, as they are “3D Ready”, according to Acer.

This makes them great for both business presentations and movies and series at home, while costing less than a high-end 24-inch monitor. Years ago you could expect to pay north of R10k for a projector with these capabilities.

Top view of the Acer Essential X118/H.

So how bright are they? Acer has outfitted them with lamps capable of 3600 ANSI Lumens, which is bright enough to see projected images even in a well-lit room. And contrast-wise, you’re looking at a very impressive 20,000:1, which means the differences between dark and light areas are pleasingly pronounced, and you won’t lose too much detail in dark scenes, if at all.

TD sells three different SKUs of this projector (all white): the X118 with and without a bag, and the X118H, which is the same projector but with built-in 3W speakers and an HDMI port. Hearing audio when using the X118 requires that you connect separate speakers to your video source.

Front view of the X118/H.

The X118 also only has VGA inputs, meaning you can only connect sources with VGA outputs to it. The X118H on the other hand accepts both VGA and HDMI video sources, making it able to be used with a wider variety of video sources.

Both projectors come with all the right fittings to mount them to a ceiling. They can also stand freely on a flat surface while presenting content, and come with remote controls for ease of use.

Overall, these are fantastic projectors at a brilliant price point, and a great way to bring life to your work presentations and make home viewing of your favourite media just that much nicer.

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