A Microsoft Ignite Experience A Microsoft Ignite Experience
We asked one of the TOD competition winners what he thought of the experience and what he learnt. A Microsoft Ignite Experience

The annual Microsoft Ignite conferences are much anticipated and a highlight of the year for most of us in the IT world. Even if we don’t get the opportunity to attend such a prestigious event, we wait in anticipation for live coverage and recordings of the content that we can watch from afar.

Tarsus on Demand held a reseller incentive competition, offering two winners the chance to go to this year’s Ignite conference which took place in Orlando, Florida in late September, to soak it all up.

We asked one of the winners, Louis du Toit from Collage,what he thought of the experience and what he learnt.

What did you enjoy the most about the conference?

The sheer volume of training and information available. Also the way I could select what seminars I want to attend and schedule it through the Ignite App – very clever!

What did you learn?

Some key learnings for me came from the various Office 365 services:

OneDrive will now be included in the next Windows 10 Update as a feature called ‘Files on Demand’. This is all about the sharing of files to external users who do not have OneDrive.

Windows 10 is now able to connect to On Premise AD as well as Azure AD at the same time, thus allowing for a staged migration to the cloud.

Teams will now replace Skype for Business. It allows for dial-in conferencing when a user does not have internet access. What’s also interesting here is real-time translation between languages!

Do you think your learnings from Ignite will benefit your business going forward?

Yes! It will help us by steering us in the right direction. It helps to know what Microsoft’s roadmap is, so that we can align our service offerings with theirs.

Do you have any advice for future attendees?

Take comfortable shoes because you are going to be walking a lot! Schedule your days in advance through the Ignite App.

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