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HP Inc and The African Union join forces to support digital remote learning across Africa
The partnership aims to ensure African students have plenty of access to remote learning opportunities. Read more
Future-proof your workforce by promoting a culture of learning
It is up to us to look towards future-proofing ourselves through upskilling and education. Read more
Listening, learning and collaborating through the pandemic
If we collaborate and learn from each other daily, we will keep on discovering how to do it better, says TTG's Anton Herbst. Read more
Continuous learning is the key to employee growth
Valuable skills, personal growth, career development: platforms like LinkedIn Learning are transforming the employee parameter. Read more
Epson’s EB-685Wi short-throw whiteboard projector makes learning interactive and fun
And it supports up to two people interacting with its projected imagery at the same time! Read more
Future-proofing the channel with a learning mindset
We take a look at how workplaces, and in particular the technology industry, can help prepare staff and partners for a digitised and automated world. Read more
Predictive analytics and machine learning to boost uptime and efficiency in the datacentre
HPE's Infosight uses both technologies to drive self-management and operational efficiency in the datacentre. Read more
How machine learning and AI are helping companies market smarter
Cutting-edge technologies machine learning and artificial intelligence are the key to unlocking smarter, more targeted marketing, says Google's Marvin Chow. Read more
A look at scalability and Azure Part 3 – Machine Learning and Analytic Engines
In this third part, I will cover some of Azure's more advanced features, such as its machine learning and analytic engines. Read more
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Creator Beware
As with anything, these cutting-edge technologies are both fascinating and chilling depending on how they are applied. Read more