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Microsoft Teams
This 5-minute demo shows Microsoft Teams in action
Curious about Microsoft Teams? Check out this handy 5-minute demo. Read more
Microsoft Teams: Now with cell and landline calling
Teams Voice lets you make and take phone calls to any number, right from within the application. Read more
Five lesser-known Microsoft Teams features you might not be using
Did you know Teams does automatic transcription of video call meetings? Read more
You can now try Microsoft Teams for free
The announcement was made in a virtual news briefing yesterday afternoon. Read more
Office 365 business users get access to Microsoft Teams today
Microsoft's chat-based workspace and collaboration tool is out today and available for use for Office 365 business customers. Read more
New remote work patterns taught Microsoft a lot about its people
"What we learn about these changes will be key to organisational resiliency in the months and years to come." Read more
Tips & Tricks for Teams
These tips should help new users and old hands alike learn more about Teams. Read more
Remote workers explode Teams numbers to 44 million daily active users
That figure grew by 12 million people in just the last seven days, says Microsoft. Read more
Let your people work from home with a 6-month Teams trial
Microsoft now offers a six-month trial of the full version of Teams, its collaboration suite. Read more
A Microsoft Ignite Experience
We asked one of the TOD competition winners what he thought of the experience and what he learnt. Read more