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Intel’s Tiger Lake processors to stop some malware types in their tracks
Protection at the hardware level is more effective than leaving it to software to catch. Read more
Intel’s Project Athena aims to shape the notebooks of the future
The project aims to "Raise the bar on PC experiences" by improving on every facet of modern notebook design. Read more
Artificial intelligence and the future of mankind
Here's a good read for anyone interested in artificial intelligence and where it might be taking society in the next decade and beyond. Read more
Intel unveils new supercomputer hardware
Codenamed Ponte Vecchio, the 7nm GPU will feature in a supercomputer being built for the US government. Read more
Intel working to help datacentres process data faster
They are doing this with the development of the Compute Express Link standard. Read more
Eaton Intelligent Power Manager review – Remotely Special
This software is entirely free to download if you run less than 10 nodes. Read more
Intel’s Optane tech makes the ASUS VivoBook X411 even faster
All about how the ASUS VivoBook X411 leverages Intel's Optane tech for a speed boost. Read more
Intel’s 8th-generation chips are almost here
On the 5th of October, Intel will officially launch its 8th-generation processors into retail and OEM. Read more
Intel’s drones are really taking off
Did you know that Intel has its fingers in the drone pie? Well, they do - and in a big way. Read more
The Advances of Intel’s Kaby Lake Processors
Code-named Kaby Lake, these new chips bring with them a number of improvements over Intel’s 6th-gen Skylake processors. Read more