Digital Transformation Spending in the Middle East, Turkey & Africa to Top $25 Billion in 2019

That figure is only going to increase as more organisations experiment with transformative technologies, says the IDC.

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Automation and Logistics: A perfect match?

TD’s Head of Supply Chain and Warehousing talks about how automation and robotics are affecting TD’s logistics and workers.

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Secure your business for the future with SonicWall

Ideally a business needs a gatekeeper that not only detects threats but stops them before they enter your business network while not hindering day-to-day operations.

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Personal customer service still preferred in the digital age – Study

Phone and in-person options remain more popular than digital when it comes to interacting with businesses.

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HP takes over from Lenovo as the world’s top PC maker

Strong laptop sales and a 13.1% year-on-year increase in worldwide shipments contributed to HP’s achievement.

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Microsoft works hard to ensure its cloud computing platforms can be trusted

Trust and legislative compliance are both vital to the adoption of cloud computing for business, says Microsoft.

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