Digital Transformation could unlock 5 trillion rand of value – Report

The report looks at hot-topic technologies like the IoT, blockchain, and AI to determine how they could positively impact on South Africa.

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Moving South Africa into the digital age
Job creation, skills development and improving education are all topics one expects a president to touch on in their State of the Nation Address. Last week, President Ramaphosa raised his government’s strategy to deal with these concerns and more in his second SONA. What was most noticeable about this... Read more
These smart animations make complex IT concepts easy

Mixed reality, AI, and the Internet of Things have been covered so far, with more to come.

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Gartner says there won’t be a robot uprising any time soon
Whenever talk turns to artificial intelligence (AI) and robots, the debate usually includes a discussion on whether or not there will be a robot uprising that will eventually exterminate the human population. According to business analyst group Gartner, there will be absolutely nothing to worry about – and the... Read more