IT Contingency Planning – What is it, and why do you need it?

Failing to plan is essentially planning to fail. Especially when it comes to business IT, it’s far better to have plans in place to mitigate damages when the worst happens; here’s what you should be considering.

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The Internet of Things – Great idea or one massive security-headache-to-be?

The promise of a connected world, as imagined by the top futurists of our time, is an intoxicating one. This world features previously-inanimate objects “talking” to each other over the world’s WiFi, terrestrial and cellular networks, establishing a network of “things” that have built-in sensors and smarts that allow them to interact with one another and be interacted with in turn, in new and novel ways.

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Cybercrime is Big Business

Today’s cyber-criminals operate their ventures in much the same way as big corporates do. Here’s how.

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The future is now – How enterprise tech is working to make life more liveable
I’ve been a tech journalist for just over ten years now, and I’ve noticed something about 2016. A lot of the high-end, what-do-we-actually-do-with-this tech I’ve been hearing and writing about for the past, oh, five years, is starting to show up in real life in ways that might actually... Read more
SAP Sport One: Taking the guesswork out of sports analysis
We live in the age of ubiquitous high-speed networks, high-tech sensors and compute power orders of magnitude more powerful and efficient than in any other point in human history. Plus, a large portion of the planet has access to smartphones that can and do run data-generating apps. Thus, in... Read more