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Samsung’s new value SSD range coming soon to TD
Samsung's new QVO drives are finally bringing multi-terabyte SSD prices down to earth. Read more
Fast and furiously-attractive: Samsung’s new Portable SSD X5
Looking for an external drive that copies at gigabytes per second? The X5 has what you need. Read more
Simply Gorgeous: Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs are here
Samsung’s incredible, high-end QLED 4K televisions have been turning heads all over the world with their stunning looks and brilliant image quality, and now the very latest 2018 models are available to the South African channel from Tarsus Distribution. Special TVs What makes these TVs so special is their use... Read more
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – Laptop functions, tablet convenience
If your future purchases will include tablets for business use, the Galaxy Tab S4 definitely brings some good qualities to the table. Read more
Samsung’s Note 9 and Galaxy Watch coming soon to Tarsus Distribution
The Note 9 is extremely powerful, and the Galaxy Watch has a seven-day battery. #Winning. Read more
Samsung’s CJ89 “Ultimate Screen for Multitasking” is now available from Tarsus Distribution
The CJ89 offers the same screen real estate as two 27-inch monitors arranged side-by-side, and is nicer to look at. Read more
Consumers getting a smaller, thinner version of Samsung’s The Wall TV next year
And it's definitely not just another brick. Read more
Samsung’s newest consumer SSDs are its fastest yet
These new M.2 drives are built for speed, and offer a generous five-year warranty. Read more
Samsung’s QLED TV range now available through Tarsus Distribution
These QLED TVs are so good, they can even minimise environmental reflections. Read more
CNET’s take on Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus flagship phones
While both are great phones, there's still room for improvement, says CNET. Read more